Fake Note Detector (UV Light) - Manual Fake Note Detection Machine or Fake Bill and Banks Check Checking Machine

Mini - Jumbo Fake Note Detector (UV Light) - Video Demonstration


  • This model is having Larger space for holding bundle of 100 and more number notes at one time

  • It is capable of Magnifying the money or notes to 10X times of the actual size.

  • The model is having reflector on three sides for increasing Ultra Voilet (UV) effect and better visibility of fake notes.

  • Option available for fixture of machine on table.

  • It is having 3 types of lights as UV light, White light and Yellow light for checking any types of documents and notes.

  • This machine is capable of detection Fake notes and also available for checking Passports, Bank Cheques, Credit/Debit cards and Stamp/ Lease papers etc.

  • Suitable for Fake money detection of any kind of Currencies all over the World.


KAVINSTAR -India's No.1 Leader in Office Automation Industries

Technical Specification

Power: UV tube —9W, White tube—9W, Yellow light—25W
Power supply: 220Volts / 50 Hz
Dimensions: (24 X 12.5 X 16.5) millimeter
Item Weight: 1.7 kilogram (Approx.)
Type of Detection: Ultra violet, Watermark (Color shift type) and Magnetic detection (Optional)
Best Use: Currency Exchange Services, Shop, Store, Shopping Mall, Banks etc

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