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KAVINSTAR -India's No.1 Leader in Office Automation Industries

Technical Specification

Model: Mix Master-Prime
Note Holding Capacity: 200-300 Notes
Note Counting Speed: 1000 Notes/Min
Weight (Approx.): 5.8 Kg.
Dimension in mm: 300 x 257 x 165
Type of Note: Loose Mix
Features: Mix Note Value Counting + 100% Fake Note Detection, Add & Batch Function

Kavinstar -Mix Master Overview:

Automatic start, stop and clear
High speed counting with fake note detection
UV, MG, IR, MT, 3D & Color detection while counting
With Batch, Add and Self –Examination function
Double –Note, Half-Note and Chained-Note Detection
Dual motors for smooth Processing of currencies
Mixed value counting for India Rupee and show each numbers of different denominations
Can charge mobile phone via USB port.
Humanized intelligent design with TFT Interface
Can be updated with new note in the future 

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